At Premier Appraisal Valuations, we offer a variety of services to help suit your needs. We love what we do and it shows in our work. Rest assured that our talented team will take care of you.

Residential Property Appraisals

Are you looking to buy a new home? Seeking to sell? Or taking account of all your assets? Whatever the case my be, you can depend on the experts at Premier Appraisal Valuations, LLC to help you acquire a fair assessment, so you can know how much your home or potential home is worth. Using the latest community information and taking into consideration the condition of the property, we will provide you with proof of a written appraisal to bring to any negotiation table.

Muilti-Family Property Appraisals

When you have a case of two or more families living in two separate addresses, but in shared walls and under the same roof, assessing the true value of any individual unit’s property or the building as a whole can be tricky. Whether you are a tenant looking to sell, or a landlord who owns the multi-family home in question, we can provide you with an appraisal that is fair to both parties: property owner and tenant.


In cases of estate valuations, we understand that a timely, fair assessment of your property is of the essence. If you seek to find the value of the property of a loved one who has passed on, or need to settle the value of your property for a divorce, an official and certified appraisal from our specialists will settle any legal proceedings you have.


Are you paying more in taxes than your property is worth? Are you facing scrutiny by the IRS regarding your property taxes and need to prove you are paying a fair amount? Our appraisal specialists take into account all federal, state, and pertaining local laws, and will present you with a written and detailed statement of our valuation, as well as a detailed report with all of our valuation criteria, to satisfy any official inquiry into your property taxes.


Before you buy or build, make sure that the land that you intend to use is suitable for construction, and that your intended investment is a wise one. With a land appraisal from Premier Appraisal Valuations, LLC, you can be sure that your property or potential property is suitable for the building project that you intend for it, or that you ask for a competitive and fair price if you put the land for sale.

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