Estate & Tax Appraisals

Does Your Family Need to Pay Estate Taxes? Let's Find Out.

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Although Wisconsin doesn't have an estate tax, families must pay federal estate taxes if their loved one's estate is valuable enough. So, you should schedule an estate tax appraisal to determine if your loved one's property qualifies.

Premier Appraisal Valuations conducts timely estate tax appraisals in Appleton & Oshkosh, WI and the Fox Valley area. Contact us today to get your late loved one's property appraised.

3 reasons to schedule an appraisal

3 reasons to schedule an appraisal

Appleton & Oshkosh, WI area residents often need estate appraisals for...

  • Probate, to determine federal estate taxes
  • Real estate transactions, to finalize the sale
  • Divorce proceedings, to divide assets equally

No matter why you need an estate appraisal, we'll evaluate your home accurately and efficiently so you can move on with your life. Request a free estimate today by calling 920-470-0380.